From treatment for osteoarthritis (joint disease that occurs when the cartilage in your joints wears down) to total joint replacement, our dedicated orthopaedic team is committed to providing outstanding care.

We treat patients who need:

  • Shoulder, knee (total and partial) and hip replacements

  • Pain management for knee replacements

  • Joint arthroscopic mosaicplasty (minimally invasive surgery to repair damaged joint cartilage) and arthro resurfacing surgery for hips, knees and shoulders

  • Fracture repair

  • Tendon and ligament repair

  • Rotator cuff (shoulder joint) repair

  • Rehabilitation

Not all orthopaedic conditions require surgery. Treatment can also involve medications, casts, splints, injections and exercise. When surgery is necessary, our team of specially trained, board-certified physicians, nurses and clinical staff give patients the best care before, during, and after surgery. We provide:

  • Leading-edge techniques to ensure patient comfort

  • Pre-operative classes for patients who want information on physical therapy and what to expect during their hospital stay

  • Advanced medical technology for patients that helps manage post-operative pain for joint replacements

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our team has special expertise and extensive experience treating carpal tunnel syndrome (Pain, numbness, and grip problems caused when tendons in the hand swell and press on a nerve). We offer the full range of treatment options, including:

  • Bracing, medication, exercise, and physical therapy

  • Open carpal tunnel release surgery

  • Minimally invasive, carpal tunnel surgical release using a specially designed instrumentation system that requires very small incisions (about 2 mm). The procedure takes about 10 minutes to perform and recovery time is usually short.

To make an appointment, sign up for our pre-operative classes to learn more about your surgery and what to expect in the hospital and during recovery, call 443-552-2600.