The Post-Acute Specialty Program care team consists of dedicated physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, patient care technicians, rehabilitation and respiratory therapists, dietitians and other health care providers. The PASP uses a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach toward patient care in order to meet their individual health goals. PASP includes a chronic medical-surgical unit and a pulmonary care unit.

Chronic Medical Surgical Unit

Patient services on the chronic medical surgical unit (6 South) are provided 24 hours a day for adult patients requiring wound management, rehabilitation, dialysis support, airway and, respiratory care, pain management, post-surgical care, and long-term antibiotic treatments.

Pulmonary Care Unit

Patient services on the pulmonary care unit (6 North) are provided 24 hours a day for adult patients requiring ongoing respiratory care, airway and ventilation management, weaning, and rehabilitation services.

Ventilator Weaning Unit

The PASC houses the Ventilator Weaning Unit (VWU), where University of Maryland Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine faculty carefully monitor and aid patients as they transition to breathing on their own.

Patients are seen daily by physical and occupational therapists, and occasionally by recreational therapists. With our on-staff dieticians seeing patients daily, we ensure that patients receive the right amount of nutrition.

We emphasize proactive ventilator weaning efforts, using a therapist-driven protocol and proper patient posture and positioning (out of bed to chair, mobilization and range of motion).

For more information, please contact the PASP at 410-225-8185.