Blood Drives

What to Expect

The blood donation process from the time you arrive until the time you leave takes about an hour. While the donation itself takes only about 10 minutes, there are other important steps that are part of this process to ensure both your safety and that of the blood supply.

What Happens to Donated Blood

Ever wonder the path the blood you donate takes until it is used? This five-step process is explained here, and shows the importance of ongoing blood donations to meet the needs of hospitals like UMMC.

Low Iron Levels

One of the most common reasons people are turned down from donating, which is called being deferred, is because of low-iron levels in the blood, which is known as anemia. This is especially true for women.

Give Blood - American Red Cross

Upcoming Blood Drives

Thursday, Dec 7
8 am - 1:30 pm
Armory Classrooms A & B

Please contact Lisa Cook at 410-225-8920 or [email protected] to schedule your life-saving donation.

All drives are open to the public. 

Check out the UMMC Midtown Campus Blood Drive Schedule for 2017.

Be a Life Saver—Donate Blood at University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus

Give the gift of life. University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus has partnered with the American Red Cross to host blood drives on our campus. All blood drives at UMMC Midtown Campus are open to the public.

Top 5 reasons to give blood:

  1. Your donation could save up to three lives.
  2. In the U.S., someone needs blood every two seconds.
  3. A single car accident victim can require up to 100 units of blood.
  4. It is the right thing to do, and will make you walk a little taller.
  5. UMMC Midtown Campus uses approximately 3,100 blood products per year.